His Number One Fan!

Hello, my name is Jennifer Link and this is my boyfriend SGT. Ty Dermer. He is with the 224th Unit A Company out of Burlington, Iowa. I have never witnessed love at first site, nor did I ever believe in it. I always thought it was silly how in a movie someone could fall in love so fast. When I first met Ty I instantly knew he was the one for me! I remember going home and bragging to my mother and friends. I met Ty when he was home on his leave for 2 weeks from Iraq. We met the second day he was home and never spent a day away from each other until he had to return. It was so hard letting him go when we had only known each other for so long and when we just want to begin our lives together. Ty is my best friend, he's the type of person that will listen to anything I have to say and gives advice. He has such a great heart. I am so proud of him for the things he does and how he handles situations. He is my hero, he really knows how to take charge. He is by far the best thing to ever happen to me. Ty also has a very supportive family who is absolutely amazing, and a beautiful son who can't wait till he is home. Every day I count my blessings and thank God through and through for meeting this wonderful man. I can't wait till he is back home so we can finally start our lives together, there are so many things we can't wait to conquer. The army is very lucky to have a man like Ty, he is very dedicated to his work. I will always be his number one fan, and wait forever for him. He is everything to me.

Support the troops and pray for a fast and safe return for everyone.

Jennifer Link

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