Home fires burning!

This is a picture of my Marine... Sgt. Matthew Tannehill and the youngest of our 3 children, Christien. I snapped this the night that he left. He is due home in March if all goes well. I cannot describe the emotions we have all been going through since he left (for his second overseas deployment in the past 18 months) They range from sadness to worry to sometimes even anger but most of all love and pride for him, his fellow Marines and our Country. He will miss our babies first Halloween, our daughter's 2nd birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, his birthday, our son's 1st birthday, our anniversary, and my birthday. Although me and the kids (Jade-8, Zoe-21 months, and Christien 7 months) miss him terribly we know that he is needed in Iraq at this moment. Everyday is bittersweet, I watch my babies grow up and see all of the things that my husband is missing and it makes me sad, but happy at the same time because these are our babies, and their daddy is part of something important, something they will learn about in the history books when they grow up. We miss him, nothing can prepare you for this, but I like to think that we are surviving and staying strong. We, the military wives, husbands and mothers and fathers are keeping the home fires burning for the safe return of our servicemen (and women). God Bless America!

Crystal Tannehill

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