Best part of each day!

My Partner In Crime, My Love, My Best Friend

Spc. Joseph M. Hull and I were wed on September 25th, 2004. Shortly after.. he deployed to Mosul. He is with HHC 3/21 infantry.

Michael is a blessing I am not sure how I found or am worthy of. He is a man that finds no faults in me, and sees me as a perfect woman. Everything and more than he ever hoped to find. We never saw falling in love with each other coming, it hit like a freight train out of nowhere. But as each day passes, until we are in each other's arms again, I find myself sitting here waiting for that train again.

He is more than my husband, he listens to my stories, accomplishments, and feelings. He allows me adequate space to express who I am. And showers me with praise and adoration. He is the best part of each day!

I am forever his.

Without him I wouldn't be who I am today.

Forever, Mrs. Isla Hull

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