Awaiting the first kiss!

Awaiting the first kiss......My story is one of loving a man who is serving his country, Sgt Michael S. Burton II who is now stationed in Bagdad. To my regret, I fell in love with him after he was deployed, but I am very gald we met (at a friend's urging). He is a strong, loving man and father. He is due to come home on leave near the end of July 2005. We talk as often as he can find the time to contact me and it helps ease my mind, knowing that he and his squad are all safe. He is very proud to be there, even though he had to leave everyone he loves behind. I pray for all of our troops' safe return. And I especially await to share that first kiss with the man I fell so deeply in love with. If my story never makes your page, I just wanted someone to know how proud I am of Michael for what he is doing and I love him...and yes, half my heart is truly in Iraq.

Angela Marie

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