"Proud Spiritual Mom"

"Proud Spiritual Mom"

I would like others to know that I am a proud Spiritual Mom of Denise Watson. To most people she is known as Denise, TSGT. Watson, or Neecie. To me she is known as my "Spiritual Daughter". She has endeared herself to me and to know her is to love her. She is like a daughter to me and I love her very much. Allow me to say a few things about her and perhaps you will understand why I am a Proud Spiritual Mom.

Her famous words are "I Am On A Mission". Her mission includes, Upward Mobility in all areas of her life. She strives to be a high achiever academically, socially, mentally and spiritually.

I remember her working long hours during the day and extended hours as deemed necessary to enhance her Military career. Those long hours paid off and I was honored to attend her promotion to the rank of Technical Sergeant and I pinned that rank on her, with pride.

She spoke of a desire to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management, she acted upon that desire. She worked days and attended evening classes and was awarded a Bachelor Of Science Degree in Management, from National-Louis University. Again this proud Spiritual Mom proudly attended her graduation ceremony. She stood tall and so did I, as she was awarded her degree.

She always includes me in her life, her joys, her challenges and her faith in God. Denise is a people person and people are a great part of her life's mission. She knows how to make you feel that you are important to her. Denise enjoys doing things for me, small and great. If I ask her why are you always doing things for me? Her answer is "you deserve it" and I just have to look at her, sometimes fighting back tears of joy, because I sense her sincerity. I could not be more proud of her had I been her biological Mom.

She believes that life is a gift and also an adventure, therefore we should enjoy life. Even though her life is full of responsibilities on and off her job, yet she makes time for me (Mom) quality time. Sometimes she says to me "Mom, what do you want to do?" I have to remind myself that I am not dreaming, but wide awake and being blessed by my Spiritual Daughter who makes time for me.

Denise is a builder of bridges, and not a builder of walls. I am indeed proud of her most of all for who she is. I have observed her showing tenderness to the young and compassion to the aged. I believe she deals with people through her heart and not her eyes or her intellect. She has a heart of gold that is full of love.

She is task-oriented and takes pride in what she does. She is brave and exhibits strength in difficult situations. I have had the privilege of observing her take on small and large tasks and carrying them out in the spirit of love. She seems to understand the law of love and operates under it's influence, because she has the love of God in her heart.

Do I sound as if I am bragging about Denise? Well, you are right! I can do this because she means so much to me. I have never heard her say "It can't be done" I have always known her to try. She is not a quitter because she is on "A Mission" without retreat orders.

Denise loves her country and is serving it proudly and with confidence. One of her most noble occupations is helping others to be successful. She operates under the principle of the Golden Rule, "Do unto other as you would have them do unto you."

Yes, I am a proud Spiritual Mom and blessed to share my life with Denise. I am honored to call her my "Spiritual Daughter" and proud to be her "Spiritual Mom"

Novella T. May

"Be blessed of the Lord"

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