Me and my baby!

Hello. I feel for all of you woman that have husbands, brothers, sisters and siblings overseas especially ladys with small children it is hard. I should know I have three men over there, my stepdad, my brother in law, and my wonderful boyfriend. My mom my sister and I all are there for each other so that is cool. Well here is my crazy love story........... the day my boyfriend Nick left was the day I realized I was in love with him we were at the armory and I hung out with him all day long by the time they left I knew I cared about him alot. We started talking while he was at Fort Dix, New Jersey and we couldn't wait for his two weeks so we could spend some time together. Nick has been there for me thru alot. Right after my boyfriend passed away in a car accident in December he called me and told me everything was going to be ok. I was 4 months pregnant at the time and I had a really hard time. Nick was a very good friend that helped me thru my whole pregnancy even though he was gone. About four months after my boyfriend passed away me and Nick started talking about going out but he was unsure if he wanted a girlfriend while he was in Iraq. Nick came home May 13th for his 2 weeks and we had the best time. We hung out with his son Ethan ( 2 ) and my son Jake jr ( 7 weeks ). I know it is alot of responsiblity to think if we are together for a long time I will have to raise his son and my son, too, and I'm only 18 years old but I love Nick and I'm pretty sure I can do that. well, I get to talk to him everyday either online or on the phone. It's nice to hear his voice. I know all of you know what I mean. I REALLY like the webcam!!!! Well, I can't wait for all of my guys to come home. My sister has 2 babys, mason ( 18 months ) and Erynn ( 12 weeks ). They need there daddy home. Only 7 more months till they get home. I feel for all of you and I can't wait for your loved ones to come home, too.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS and pray for them everyday,

Ashleigh Dancz

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