155 yellow ribbons hanging!

This is my son LCPL Thano Genos who is serving in Iraq.  He left in Jan. of 04 and is now on the downside and coming home soon.  He is combat journalist/photographer for the Marines.  He has been in for two years and is out of Camp Lejeune, N.C.  I have been blessed to hear from him by phone at least once a week.  He is with the 3/8 Co. It has been a long hard 5 months, alot of sleepless nights, rough days, the fears that try to set in the phone ringing at strange hours, the doorbell ringing, the car driving slow past your house, it's tough!!  But there are also the good days, when the phone rings, I hear a pause, then he says, "Hey" always the same thing, every call.  I feel a sigh of relief everytime, a cheerful heart and a grin on this Proud Marine Mom.  I can always sense a good day or bad in his voice.  He has shared some things with me like how they walk thru the village they see the children and parents.  One day he found himself doing the Prayer Walk as he calls it.  He did this as a teenager on mission trips.  That melted my heart, to hear him say not only am I here fighting for Iraqi Freedom, but I am praying for their spiritual freedom.  What a mighty soldier in my eyes and defiantly in Gods Eyes.  Ps. 91 A Soldiers Prayer.  PMM-Proud Marine Mom of LCPL Athanasios Genos-Come home soon --155 Yellow Ribbons Hanging, A Ribbon a day till you come home to stay!!!!

155 Yellow Ribbons:

I have a tree with with yellow ribbons hanging in it, 155 to date. I also have a sign that reads a ribbon a day till you come home to stay with his name and marine core emblem. I hang a ribbon every day for him, people have honked, stopped, even the news & media came out.  It is a reminder for all to pray.  I have also worked with our commissioners in a fundraiser for sending phone cards to our soldiers, a great success in our city. Also I have spoke at schools where they have raised money for phone cards & sent packages and boxes of letters to our soldiers.  This weekend is the last that I can send packages to my son, but I am keeping it going by sending to other soldiers I know of.  The simple smell of gum in a card is a treat to them so I plan to continue my support even though my son is on the downside and coming home in 6-7 weeks. 

A Proud Marine Mom, Vicki of Indiana (Iraqi Freedom)


UPDATE: July 4, 2005

A Proud Marine Mom!!  My son received a promotion on July 1st, 2005 to Corporal.  This was a very proud day for me and him too!!  He also had a Memorial service at Camp Fallujah for one of his friends from his base in N.C.  So this day was filled with mixed emotions for him and other soldiers.  They are trained well to be a Marine, but also with that comes the training they receive at home from us mothers, which I believe is helping them do & go through what they face daily.  I know his faith is what he leans on the most, I know that is what gets me through each day he is gone. 172 days to date. I want to encourage all of you mothers & thank you for raising great men & women who are fighting for our freedom. I had a person come up to me at a restaurant and thank me for letting my son go. (Didn't have much choice in the matter) It really lifted my spirits that day & gave me a spark in my heart. It's not often we get thanked. As mothers we tend to stay off in the sidelines, but it has been the raising of our children , our values & beliefs that has made them Great Marines . So I applaud you from my heart. Stay strong and courageous they need that from us. A Proud Marine Mom from Indiana. 172 Yellow Ribbons, A RIBBON A DAY TILL YOU COME HOME TO STAY.

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