I am proud of my "son"!

June Ramos is a 32-year-old Filipino citizen.  He was studying to be a Benedictine monk when he joined the US Marines in 2003.  He wants to become a military chaplain but first must live the life of a grunt.  He just spent 7 months in Iraq in the infantry and was nearly buried when a bunker fell in on him.  He was wounded in November 2004, receiving shrapnel in his neck and sinuses.  After recovering from those wounds, he returned to the task, and just recently came back to the States to fly home to the Philippines to visit his family -- the first time in 7 years!

I've been writing to June for 6 months (he calls me "Mom Karen") and was honored to meet him when he flew through Jacksonville, FL on his way home.  My husband and I were very impressed with him and hope the friendship will continue.  After 3 weeks with his family, June will return to Camp Lejeune and then goes back to Iraq in November.

I am proud of my "son" June!


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