The light of her daddy's life!

My name is Bridgett, and I am writing on behalf of my wonderful husband, Spc Byrd. He left this past Christmas and will hopefully be home this one. We have been married since December of 2003. Our first child, and the light of her daddy's life, was 5 months old when he left. I have had alot of hardship in my life, but through it all he has been my strength. My life is better because I have him, and I can't imagine not having him. I talk to him usually on a daily basis. I get to send him pictures so he can see his daughter grow. She is nearly walking and talking now. It breaks my heart that he can't be here with us, but I know he believes in what he is doing. And through prayers, and God's strength we will make it. We miss you terribly baby. Your wife and daughter will be right here loving, praying, and waiting for you to return home to us, where you belong. We love you.

Bridgett Byrd

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