Lean on me!

You lean on me, I'll lean on you, and we'll all be fine!

In this case it is so true! My name is Brittany. That's me in the white shirt and the other girl is my best friend and her boyfriend is a Marine who also happens to be my "BIG brother." His name is Tyson. They both mean the world to me and we are all waiting for him to come home. Me, Tyson and Erica have known each other since the 6th grade. Erica and I have been best friends through the years and we both recently met back up with Tyson. Even though we missed some of the most important years of each other's lives, we are ready to start a new chapter with all of our friends. I'm so happy for Tyson and Erica and I'll be glad to call her my sister someday soon! For right now, I'm just trying to be her shoulder to cry on and person to lean on during his deployment.

Keep our Marine in your prayers and you'll be in ours.

Brittany Brown

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