A very lucky mother!

My oldest son is GySgt. Anthony J. DeCicco USMC, he has just left on his second deployment to Iraq today on my birthday.  He leaves behind, waiting and praying for him, his wife, Colleen and three children, Brittney age 14, Anthony age 12 and Jacob age 6, also his brother Mike and his son Cody age 10 and, of course, his mother age -----.  My sons' father died 15 years ago shortly after our son joined the USMC, he was so proud of him and we know he is watching over him now. Mike, my youngest son, has been wonderful to his brother's family, cutting the grass every week, taking the kids out for pizza every week, and best of all getting everyone together and bringing them down to the beach to Grandmom's house. I am always so proud of both of my sons. One for going and one for staying home and keeping us all together. I am so proud of my youngest son, Mike, for stepping in and helping his Marine brother's family with anything they need.  I am a very lucky mother.....but half of my heart is in Iraq like so many others.

Polly Lambe

PS: photos, from top to bottom: Anthony getting pinned by his wife, Colleen. Anthony with his family at Disneyworld in April 2005. And at the bottom, Anthony, me, and his "little brother", Mike.

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