My HOOAH Soldier!

My name is Jessica Phillips, wife of PFC Chet Phillips. It all started in the 6th grade were we met. We came in contact again in High School were we remained friends and did not met up again until the summer after my first year in college at a McDonald's in our hometown. It was love at first sight. He was already out of AIT and stationed when we started dating. And by the 3rd month we were marred. By then we only had 3 months before he was being deployed to Iraq. And on our three month anniversary, to the day, he was boarding a plan on his way to Iraq. He was deployed in January and is scheduled to be back in one year. As much as I miss him and as much as I wish he was with me every day, I understand and respect him more with every day that passes for defending and standing up for our freedom in this country of ours, in which not every one can or is willing to do. I have the most respect and love for my soldier. And respect for all the soldiers that are over there with my husband and friends. I pray every night that God willing all will be brought home safely. And in my heart I have faith that they will all be returning home soon safe and sound. And for women that are facing this as I am typing I know how you all must feel. And for the one that will be facing this it is true that the hardest thing that you will ever do is to stop holding your soldier, let them go, and watch them walk away to get on that plane. I know that the happiest day of my life will be the day that I see him get off that plane and holding him in my arms again after being gone for so long. I wish all of you luck with your loved one's and pray that all will come home safely. And for all the soldiers I respect all of y'all for fighting the good fight. And to the love of my life HOOAH and Stay Alert, Stay Alive. As in the song that I sing to you by Shadasy "Come Home Soon" my HOOAH Solder. I will be here waiting on you as long as it takes.

Your Loving HOOAH Wife,

Jessica Phillips

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