I do, forever!

SPC Clarence Hickerson ask me to marry him in June of 2004, I said yes and we planned to have a big beautiful wedding in July of 05. In July of 04 he found out the National Guards men were going to be deployed. Neither of us wanted to be without the other and we sure didn't want him to go without saying "I do". We decided to go ahead and do a very small wedding. We said our "I do, forever" in Aug of 04, 4 days later he was sent 100 miles away for training. I traveled to see him every weekend for 4 months. He was then sent to Iraq in Dec of 04. Our first year of marriage will be spent apart with only phone calls. I wait for the day he returns to me and the day we can start living together under the same roof as husband and wife. I'm so very proud of him and the job he is doing for all of us here. Please pray for my husband and all the other brave men and women serving our country. Please bring them all home safe and soon. God bless you and thank you.

Mrs. Hickerson

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