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Hi there,
I just wanted everyone to know about this amazing Marine - My husband. He has been in the Marines almost 4 years now.  This last year the Lord has really blessed us. He was recognized by his CO as being a possible replacement for the navy RP position. They recommended him and he is currently the only Marine to fill as the Chaplain Assistant. He is so excited to be doing the Lord's work in Iraq! As you can see in the picture I included- he and the chaplain have performed many baptisms after saving Marines- using whatever water source is available! In this case, they used an empty Ammo Cache. I am so proud of my husband. He is one of the best men that I have ever known and I am so proud to call this Marine my husband! I thank God everyday that Jonathan was brought into my life before he joined! I have been with him through every step and I am proud to say WE have survived two deployments to Iraq! There are so many things being accomplished by my husband's Battalion- It's Amazing! Go 1/8! Semper Fi!
Samantha Zeno

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