Missing pains!

Missing Pains are the pains you feel in your soul that never quite subside when the one you love can't be with you. My husband, Ssg. Mills left when our 2nd baby was just 3 days old, (she wanted to meet her daddy so bad before he left she came 3 weeks early all on her own!). We are proud of him and love him so much. He has been gone for almost a year and still has about that much to go till he comes home. He has been able to help so many people on his missions, we hope that can continue. Some days the missing pains are great, and other days they are just dull, but they are always there. We can't wait to see him again. We love him. We are proud of the work he is doing with his fellow soldiers. Keep the soldiers and their families in your prayers. Thank you for supporting the troops and the one's they love!

Rachel Smith-Mills

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