A Small Part of the Rest of Our Lives!

Being married at 19 and 21 makes for difficulties in itself, but throw the Marine Corps in the mix what you get is deployment after deployment, move after move, one field op after another. I don't think it bothers me that he has to do his job, it's mostly the nights alone, once a week phone calls cut short because of a satallite phone, random e-mails, or no contact at all.

My husband is a Cpl. in the US Marines, pulling his second tour in Iraq. He may not be a hero to all but he's my hero and that's all that matters. 7 months is not a long time when you've got a life time to spend together, but I will say this... these have been the slowest days and the slowest weeks. He's only been gone 15 days and it already feels like a lifetime. Deployed March 5th out of Camp Lejeune to Iraq...all the brave men and women over in Iraq have my prayers especially 3/10 kilo Btry...for those men are protecting him as he watches over them. I love you Cpl. Barron!

~Amber Barron

UPDATE: December 11, 2006 - Well, it's been 2 years since I wrote the first time... and I have updates and more to tell. On our last deployment to Iraq, my husband was injured and sent back to Camp Lejeune after being there 3 months basically... he received a purple heart for wounds received from an IED during a convoy. Now were reading ourselves for a third deployment to Iraq, as if two and a purple heart weren't enough we have to do it again, and now we have our first child, a girl who will be 5 months when her daddy leaves. I have had a hard time with this deployment, partly due to last times injuries and now having to be a first time mom as a single parent for seven months. Hopefully everything turns out good this time, there's nothing worse than the separation itself, but adding worries of injuries or worse just makes the whole ordeal twice as hard. He knows hes always in our thoughts and prayers, as is everyone over there. Being a wife of any military member is one of hardest things for any woman. Prayers are with all of your families! Amber Barron

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