Now calls Charles daddy!

Hi my name is Erica Covahey, 19 and my boyfriend Sgt. Charles W. Auster, 25 just deployed to Iraq on the 8th. He is a Marine to be stationed at Camp Fallujah. Charles and I met through a friend and have been together for 9 months, our one year will be while he is still in Iraq. When Charles comes home we have plans of getting married. Before I met Charles I was a single mom raising a little boy that now calls Charles daddy. My son is 1 and Charles has been there since Tyler was very little. My mom thinks highly of Charles as do I. He is truely a man of honor and I wish him a safe return. I have purchased stickers that read half my heart is in Iraq for it truely is. I have never felt so much pain as to say goodbye to one you love and wait on their return. For when the MARINE I LOVE returns from Iraq I will be there with open arms to greet him. Here is to you Sgt. Auster and all the guys in your BN. Have a safe journey and I shall be awaiting your return.

All my Love,

UPDATE: August 8, 2005

I previously wrote to you about my boyfriend who is deployed in Iraq. Charles served 5 months in Iraq and is now on his way home. He will return to Maryland through the Walter Reed Medical Center where they will continue to treat his battle wounds. He is truely an amazing person. Throughout all of his injuries he has kept high spirits. Charles is doing great and we anxiously await his return. Charles like many fellow soldiers/marines/sailors...will have a long healing process but at least he is alive. To all the guys in his BN stationed in Iraq God bless all of you and may the Angels that brought Charles home sit on your shoulders and protect you throughout your tour of duty. To those deploying my heart goes with you on your journey come home safe.

Love and concern,

I have included pictures of Charles and myself prior to his deployment as well as my son that NOW CALLS CHARLES DADDY!

UPDATE: September 18, 2005

Charles was actually treated at NNMC in Bethesda.  He was released last Saturday and is doing great despite his injuries. 

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