The bopsy twins!

my brother is on the left, Jeff on the right

My brother left for Iraq, and his friend Jeff Brewer and him are the bopsy twins, if one does one thing the other will do it too, they both signed up to go and fight for the country, and then there is my brother's driver Jonathan Anthony, and he is so SEXY, and I cant wait for him and Jeff and my brother to come back. So I can see him and my brother, I miss them every day and pray for them and all the soldiers. I can't sleep at night without praying. That's pretty good huh.:) I know that this is weird, but it's kinda good because they are in the same unit, same truck, and everything. They are the best except that they do a cricket noises. but I miss it. I love my brother Jeff, and Jonathan so much and I miss them. Jonathan is my brother's driver and Jeff is a gunner just like my brother that is kewl, they can keep an eye out for each other.

Here is the website for their unit... it is a transportation company, out of Paducah, Kentucky.

Come Home Soon Bubba, Jeff, Jonathan, and Carl!!!!! God Bless the 2113th Transportation Company ( Medium ) for what they are doing. Come Home Soon All!!!!!!!!!

Stay out of trouble Bubba, Jeff, Jonathan and Carl

Love you all:

my brother Bobby boyd Ray
Jeff Brewer, my brother's best friend
(left to right) Jonathan, Jeff, my brother, and Edging
my brother and I

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