Until the next phone call!


I am happy to share the story of my family. My husband is a Captain in the United States Army. He is stationed with Divarty form 1st Cav Division. He has been stationed in Iraq since March of 2004. We have been in love for as long as the mind can see. We have two beautiful children Josh, 4 and Kaitlyn, 2. They miss there daddy very much and ask for him daily. It is a trying time, but somehow we all seem to make it through. Military Wives are the strongest woman you will ever know. we go through so much and move so much, but we always seem to keep it together. My husband is a brave, heroic man. He is a rock to me and a lot of others. He is an incredible role model and all around great man. I hope he gets home soon. I worry everyday and every moment he is gone. It is like taking the key essential of someone's life away. That is what it feels like. He has missed many occasions. They are countless. Imagine spending every single important date in your life without the love of your life. It is terrible. But, all we can do is keep on going until the next phone call. As long as he is gone I will keep things ready for him here. We are waiting and can't wait to see him again. I pray daily for all the men and woman serving and may God willing they all return safe and sound.  God Bless them All.

A Very Proud Army Wife,
Missy Reese


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