He's my angel!

Hi, my name is Christina Segeren and I'm from St. Pete, Florida. I'm 20, and also the mother of a 2 year old girl named Tira. It's hard to put in words about how I feel about a certain special someone, he's real special indeed, that special guy is named Chad Bouws. He is stationed out of Georgia and is in Iraq right now and I'm so thankful that he will be home in a month which is a wonderful way to start the new year off. Chad Bouws has giving hope and the strength to love. I thought for sure I would never love again or for that fact ever be loved, but I was so wrong. I met Chad online so you can say he had me at hello after that first day of talking to him I just had this feeling that he's the one who would change my life forever and sure enough he has already. I don't think I could be more happier with anyone else, but Chad sometimes I feel as if he's one reason why I wake up in the morning and get out of bed well him and my very demanding two year old lol. I don't think anyone could understand the bond two people can have just from talking on the Internet and the phone for 3 months, so let me be the first to help everyone understand it, I wouldn't change how I met the love of my life, also wouldn't change the fact that I haven't gotten to kiss him yet cause I know when I go it will be forever and I'm proud to know such a wonderful guy who choose to protect our country. I will always be proud of him and support him. I feel in love with my soldier Chad Bouws on the very first day I talked to him, I knew we would always be together and well we are still together and doing great, I couldn't imagine going a day without knowing him and having him in my life. He's the air I breath. Without him I couldn't breath, and most of all he loves me and my daughter we are his angels well that's what he tells me lol but I believe it's the other way around he's my angel from above and I thank God everynight for this wonderful guy he sent to me and well I also would like to thank his mother even though she isn't here anymore, I know she's watching over him and well I would like to say thank you to her for raising such a beautiful son and also his father for helping give birth to him with out them there wouldn't be this wonderful guy that I'm so thankful for. So I don't know what else to say but that I love Chad Bouws and will forever and always, and we will be getting married soon so I can carry around the proud name that I will always be proud to have. To all the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives and grandparents and all other people who care about someone who is serving our country just hang in there. It's not easy but then again what is easy so take each day by day and be thankful that you know such a wonderful person. Iv gotten to know Chad's Sarg and he's the nicest guy I know so I would have to say we have some wonderful men and women protecting our country, I'm so proud of them all. Thank you everyone who serves our country. So that's my lil story about the love of my life which will be in my arms in a month I'm so excited and happy and thank God for the internet and webcams makes life a lil easier. I love you Chad Bouws and I'll never stop loving you.

A Loving Fiancee,

Christina Segeren

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