4 days to pull it off!

This is my husband Spc. Andrew Goldey. The day we found out he would be deployed to Irag we had only been out of high school 5 months, only been out on our own a week and he had only been back home for one month. He had been previously gone for his AIT training in South Carolina. (For 2 months) This news seemed so unreal and very unfair. I thought to myself this can't be happening. Our lives we're just getting started together. We we're supposed to get married in the summer and if he leaves....then that wont be happening. So with no further Tears or thoughts we had 4 days to plan a wedding. Because Andrew would be leaving the following weekend. So we pulled it off and it was beautiful. Spc Goldey should only be in Irag for one year. When he reaturns home he's going to start college, we plan to buy a house and start a family. For all the military wifes and families your ALL in my thoughts a prayers!

Courtney Goldey

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