If we just believe!

Hello, my name is Kerrie! I am a mother of three boys, Ben, John & Nate! My husband James Gregory Golden is serving our country in Iraq since October 7th, 2004!! We love and miss him so much and pray for his safe return!!! Living life without him has been the hardest thing to learn how to do! He is not just my husband, he is my best friend!! I am very proud of all that he and every other soldier are doing over there and other parts of this great vast world of ours!! I thank God for them everyday! My children know that there is a possibility that Daddy may not come home, and everyday we talk about how brave and smart he is and how we can support what he is doing! To comfort them they listen to a song by Josh Gracin called "The Other Little Soldier," if you get a chance lift a few words to heaven for him and all the other soldiers that are serving, and listen to that song cause the kids are the ones that sacrifice so much, and then turn around and pick up, when we adults are weak, to look us in the eye and say," Mommy, Daddy is going to come home, if we just believe!" I know mine are that way and it is my guess that yours are the same!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!
God Bless You,
Mrs. Kerrie Golden
Proud Military Wife

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