Our Daddy, Ssgt. Ryan!

The love of my life and the father of our two little boys Morgan (6 1/2) and Devyn (3) left for Kirkuk, Iraq on Jun 12. Ever since 9/11 my husband has felt drawn to serve and protect america, he is getting his chance to make a difference for us. But, It wasn't until he left that I realized just what a lucky woman (mother and wife) I am.  I look at the pride in the eyes of my two little guys (whom look just like their daddy), when they look at pictures of their daddy and thank god for the 3 best blessings in the world. The love and pride we feel for our daddy is bursting.  We miss him and pray for his quick return.  God Bless our Daddy and each soldier whom risk so much for you and I, and MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA. 

Many Thanks to you and yours, Sarah Ryan, Ohio

*my husband is the one carrying the black duffel bag! 

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