My Hero, is now our Hero!

Hi my name is Elizabeth, and my fiance, Rene Ruiz, was called to go to Iraq. He will be gone for a total of 18 months and will return sometime in February of 2006. When he comes home he will continue his college education, and get his B.A. in Criminology. We plan on getting married September 16, 2006.
Until now I never understood the job of a soldier. The job of a soldier is far harder then words can explain. Not only do they have to fight for their country, but leave their friends and family behind. I wish for all family members and friends of soldiers that are overseas to write, and support our troops, because I am now aware that with their loved ones help they can get through this process, and it becomes easier for them to get through another day of work, and the sooner they are to coming home.
From the moment I met my fiance,  I knew he was the one. He showed all qualities to me: a best friend, boyfriend, fiance, and soon to be husband. Everyday he proved to be strong, a protector, and my hero. Now, he is not only my hero, but a hero of our Country. I give my prayers out to my fiance, his buddies, and every other soldier out there. I also give my prayers out to those of us who are putting up a different fight back home, waiting, praying, believing that our heros come back home.

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