"Trekie" to renew vows!

Hi, this is a picture of my husband John and I on the right and his buddy Larry and his wife on the left. John and Larry are now in Kuwait and then off to Tikrit. This deployment for John is really hard for him because I am his third wife but I am his only wife that has really cared if he comes back or not. And believe me when I say I care. I wish he was home now. You see we got married on 9-6-2003 and then on Christmas of 2003 we came home to our house in flames. Someone decided that we needed help remodeling I guess lol. We just got to move back in the day before Thanksgiving and yes John was here and got to spend some time in our newly redone home before he had to leave. But now this Christmas he has to spend it over there as well as next Christmas. But the good news is that his mission has started and when it is over and he comes home we are going to renew our wedding vows and because he is a major "trekie" we will be going to Las Vegas and renewing them at the Hilton "star trek style" costumes and all and he is really looking forward to this event when he returns.
Thank you for letting me write to you and I love your site.
Ramona Thurber

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