The Few and The Proud!

My name is Candice Winkles I'm 18,  and my soon to be fiance is LCpl Joseph Ricardson who just turned 20. He had his first deployment to Iraq from Feb. 2004 - Oct. 2004. He has recently been informed that he will be going back in September 2005 for at least 8 more months. Upon his return home from Iraq I wrote this poem about him that I would love to share.
To Joseph D. Richardson
( And all the men and women who fight beside him)
The Few and The Proud, I only know one,
He's brave determined and friends with his gun.
He's come and he's gone from this ongoing war,
Now with undying memories and a sense of knowing more.
He'd never ask for sympathy, he knows that he signed up, he only asks for prayers to gain a streak of good luck.
He makes his job seem easy, as though there is nothing to it and daily faces things hoping we never go through it.
He's admired and sometimes questioned by those who don't understand,
He doesn't do it for the glory he does it because he's a Man.
He's a Man who tries to be harder than a rock could ever be, but the most loving and caring when it comes to you and me.
He's a Man whose put his dreams on hold to fight for what is right, a Man who is greatly loved and thought of every night.
He's a Man like no other that I've ever seen a Man I love and respect...
He's a United States Marine.
I love you Joey-

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