Must be fate!

This is my fiance PFC. Brad Clark. He's a combat medic currently in Iraq with the 1st Calvary Division from Ft. Hood, Tx. We met in March a couple of days before his deployment but didn't pay any attention to each other. I was there cause my brother is in the same unit and was leaving also. A couple of months later we met again on the computer but never realized we had met before until the first time we talked on the phone. Must have been fate. We talked almost everyday from then on. I couldn't get enough of him. We made arrangements to get together when he came home for R&R. We spent most of his leave together. Little did i know this man would be the love of my life and the other half of my heart. During the week he had bought a gold band saying how he was gonna play a trick on my brother when he got back and say we got married. He's the soldier who makes everyone laugh no matter what the situation. The day before he left back he bought me a ring and told me to wear it on my left hand cause it would bring him good luck. Well and cause he wanted to take a picture of our hands together to make the story a little more believable when he told my brother. I seriously thought it was all just a joke. But later that night while we were eating dinner he asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. He should be home in March "05 along with my brother and we will be getting married June 18,2005!! He says now his biggest fear is my brother. I just want to say Thank You to him and all of the soldiers overseas because of men like you we sleep peacefully at night!! (Well for the most part!) Be Careful and Stay Safe. Your in our prays always. God bless all of the troops and bring them home soon and safe to their families!! Good Luck 1st Cav!! I Love You, Brad!!
Leslie Rios

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