My boyfriend ate dirt!

My boyfriend, Christopher Manikowski, and I haven't been with each other very long, but we still have a strong feeling towards each other. We met at a rodeo held in the town of Roy, Washington. He was competing in the Military Bull. He claims he hadn't ridden in a while, but needless to say, he didn't last very long on the bull, ending up with a mouth full of dirt. We met after his ride through some friends. It wasn't until the next couple of days that we actually started to talk. After about a week we became inseparable. We spent everyday with each other until he had to ship out. But before he left he took me to the Ball that was for all of the soldiers leaving. A new and upcoming country group "The Jenkins" were playing. Towards the end of their set they asked for embarrassing ways couples had met.  Chris said those three little words, "You wouldn't dare..." Needless to say I ran up there and told everyone that the man they were sending overseas can't last more than 4 seconds on a bull without eating dirt. Everyone was laughing and when I got back to the table, Chris was in tears because he was laughing so hard. A couple days later the Jenkins were playing a set at our fair grounds with Gary Allan. I held up a sign while they were talking about their stay in Washington that read, "My BF ate dirt! Duece 4!" They all smiled at cheered, pointing me out and saying a little of our story. That sign means a lot to Chris and I and will probably be a joke that we will never forget. But now he is in Mosul for a year. He maybe overseas, but he still hasn't left my heart.

The Road to Heaven is Paved in Mud
Love Always Nicole

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