Counting the days down!

HI, I'm writing to tell you about my boyfriend LCPL Charles Danforth. He left August 11, 2004 for Iraq. I think about him 24/7, love, and miss him more than ever. I get to talk to him almost everynight on the computer (his morning time), but it's so hard to not know what's going on. I keep him and all other troops in my prayers! Charles is my one and only hero and couldn't be prouder of him!! Everyday I think about what he does for his country and everyone in it, and it makes me so proud! I thank God everyday for meeting him and can't wait for his return in February if all goes well. When Charles was deployed I moved up from Florida to his NH home with his family to wait for his return. I count the days down everyday for when he will finally come home and we can begin our lives together. My prayers go out to everyone who has someone over in Iraq. God Bless!!! I LOVE MY MARINE!!!!
Pam Moffitt

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