Our Prayers Go Out...


My husband's name is Paul Brondhaver, he's 36 years old. He has been in the National Guard for 18.5 years and was called to serve in Iraq for a total of an 18 month tour, in December 2003. He was transportation and convoyed 5-6 days a week as a supply runner to different worksites of rebuilding. His convoy broke down and it took too long to fix the truck, and the enemy attacked. An RPG came in and hit at Paul's feet showering him with shrapnel, and killing his buddy next to him. He was thrown 15 feet and couldn't feel anything from the waist down, but crawled to his vehicle and grabbed another gun, called for help, and fired to hold the enemy at bay until back-up tankers came in to help. The shrapnel wounds were very bad, about 300 pieces total, some very deep, but he is walking now most of the time without his cane. He has suffered hearing loss and has a bruised heart which is his biggest problem currently. He has high blood pressure, low pulse rate,and chest pain intermittently. He stays positive though, and is dying to get back to his buddies to complete the mission. But, the doctors say no. He is devastated and feels he let his buddies down, this guilt added to the "survivor's guilt" from the loss of his buddy, makes his emotional state tough sometimes.

He believes in what they are doing over there, he says it is a great thing to see the lives of those people change before your eyes from bad to good, and most of them are so very thankful to us for helping them. Despite Paul's injuries and sacrifices, we both firmly support the war and the missions in Iraq and completely trust and support President George W. Bush in any and all his decisions regarding the war effort. Paul has lived there for 8 months and seen the work firsthand and completely believes we are doing the right thing there, despite what the media portrays. There is so much more good there than the media will ever report.

We live in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he is currently stationed at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, for recovery and rehabilitation in the hospital there, but gets to come home often for visits. We have 3 children; 10, 6, and 3 years old. We are proud of Paul and ALL of our military-- past and present!!

Thank you for your interest in him and the offering of prayer.

Lisa Brondhaver

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