Proud Marine Mom!

This is a picture of my son Lcpl. John-Marcus Rogers.  He is currently serving a second term in Iraq.  He left in June of 2004 when his wife Cheri was 8 months pregnant with their first son.  That was a very trying time for all of us, and very very hard for his wife Cheri.  She was a trooper!  And on July 25th she gave us a wonderful grandson named Avory.  Thank God for satellite phone.  Our son got to here little Avory's first cry.  We pray each and every day for the war to be over and for Iraq to take charge of their own country so all of our men and women can come home.  Our family would like to thank each and every family that has a loved one over their serving.  We know it is very hard for you.  Our prayers are with each and every one of you and with all of our men and women.  God Bless.

Brenda Rogers
Proud Marine Mom and a VERY proud Nana of 5 wonderful grandchildren

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