Bye Daddy!


Bye Daddy!

My soulmate is Captain Baez, an Apache Pilot. My heart was broken as I drove off from the departure building. He was off to Iraq for a year. I almost couldn't see because so many tears filled my eyes...the baby in my womb...made me feel like he was leaving something special behind. Our 2 girls watched a DVD in the Minivan...unaware of daddy's pain.

The year was tuff but we survived and nurtured our love with emails and 1 weekly phone call. But the day came ...he finally came home after 340 days. We rejoiced and Thank God for this. He met our New baby girl.

But I am sad to tell you that as we speak he is packing to redeploy for another year. May God bless you "Papi". We are proud of you, and we will wait for you as long as it takes.

Veronica Baez

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