"Soldier of a cross"


I am Andre Golden. My husband is Jesse, he is active Army 12 years now.
National Guardsman is his way to Iraq. We have 2 children 16 and 12. Married 14 years.

The ladies at church are having a social and asked me to write a poem about war since my husband was going. So I did and I would like to share it with you because ironically half of my heart is what it is about.

"Soldier of a cross"

Why do I live with such strife
A constant throughout my life....

It seems to me; the children it must be
But alas, they have now grown and are nearly on their own.
My heart aches for another it's neither sister nor brother.
Everyday filled with pain.. Oh.. why Lord does my heart wane.

Rest for the weary God has said but "Rest" isn't what's missing in my bed.
I work, I wait, I wonder if it is getting late.
How will I know if he'll ever see home.
Is this all because of a Soldier.
Is this to be my life as a Military wife.

I struggle to comprehend the reasons for this cross.
I sense some deep mournful loss.

I have a job to love the Lord with all my heart and soul......
How! Dear Lord can this be the goal.
When half of my heart and the best of my soul is no where to be found.
Is he up in the air, maybe underground tis always a mystery to me where he may be.

He's an American Soldier this is his life and it's my love for him that is my strife.

My war isn't of the air or ground but of the heart I've found.

A Christian Warrior grasping to understand.
Can I love my Lord and adore a man.

I Love you Lord with all that I have.

Author Andre Golden

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