Daddy went on an airplane!

My name is Tracie Hall and my life has just taken a turn that I never thought it would take. My husband of three wonderful years was just called up to active duty from reserve status. He has left behind a two year old daughter, a very close knit family and me. We are all so proud of him that he is serving his country and doing what he can to help other people have the lives that we do. It's funny, our daughter knows that her daddy has gone away, but from a two year old's perspective it's pretty different. She thinks that her daddy went on an airplane to go help the poor people. But there is one thing that she is very adamant about and it's that he is going to return back to her safe and sound. I wish nothing but the best for everyone over there and I thank them all for what they are doing for our country. The Army and the United States of America should be proud to have them all. I know I am!! I am especially proud of my husband Bob, and I hope for his safe and speedy return back into my arms and into the arms of his wonderful daughter Rachael.



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