Soon to wed!

My name is Brittany Nail, 17, and my fiance Spc. Jason Williams, 21 - on 7/25 - is in Iraq. He is a Combat Medic for the 1/21 Infantry Regiment 25th Infantry Division Light. He left for Kuwait in Jan. 2004 and made his way up to Kirkuk, Iraq in Feb. Within the first few months he was there, he had saved 3 lives. One of the guys that was injured had about 5 bullet holes throughout his body. Naturally, Jason did his duty and saved his life along with the other two. He's been there for about 6 months now, and we aren't sure when he will come back. We do get to talk on a regular basis which is nice. He's in a quiet place right now, and we are hoping that it continues to stay pretty peaceful. I'm very proud of him and support everything that he does in life. We are thinking between November and February will be when he returns. We've been together for just about 13 months and got engaged the day before Christmas. We are very much in love and plan for our wedding Nov. 5, 2005. I believe that with him being in Iraq, that it will bring us closer. I can't wait for his return!

Thanks for listening to my story. The picture of him is above. Jason is on the left and his buddy Josh Spring is on the right. They are on patrol in Kirkuk. Enjoy. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Brittany Nail

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