Half My Heart Message

"Half my heart" started as just a slogan. It started with an idea to create a bumper sticker for someone whose loved one was serving in Iraq. And though it was produced for just that one person it triggered a start to something bigger. Quickly interest grew, and today it has become so much more than just a bumper sticker slogan. It is still growing and developing, and hopefully always will become more. The direction of development has come from military families contributing their ideas. So in essence, "half my heart" was created by military families and for military families. Now it has spread into the civilian population and is helping keep support for our troops high and to enlighten people by showing the reality faced by our military personnel and their families. Real stories that share so much; about sacrifice, about love, about pride, about commitment.

"Half my heart" is not about politics, it's about people. This site does not support the politics of war. However, this site is here to support our military people through thick and thin, period. Whether our troops are serving in Iraq or serving in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, "half my heart" will continue to support our troops and their families. This site has no agenda with any government or military branch. This site is from people about people, troops and their families, who need public support now more than ever!

"Half my heart" also supports our veterans. This site has received numerous thank you's from Vietnam veterans and from other vets, too. All of our veterans deserve to be recognized for their service to America. Our stories give a general portrait of our military, today doesn't differ from the past, and should help the "civilian" readers develop a balanced understanding of our military and their human qualities.

These brave people deserve your support. Showing support helps them in so many ways by keeping their morale high, helping them stay safe. Regardless of your political opinions, you can support our troops while at the same time challenge issues surrounding them. There is a difference, and you make a positive difference when you show your support for our troops, and their families who painfully await their return.

David D. Bayouth

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